Exercise support specifically designed for people who have been diagnosed with a long-term health condition.

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“If exercise were a pill, it would be the most widely prescribed medicine in the world” 

Cancer – Parkinson’s – Multiple Sclerosis

An inclusive online exercise community for anyone who has been diagnosed with a long-term health condition.  

Online Classes

Tailored classes that you can take live or watch the recordings at a time that is convenient to you.

One to One 

 Personalised training programes based on your individual needs, preferences and goals.

Class Locations

 45-minute exercise classes designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.

“Exercise is medicine”
American College of sports medicine 

What makes Bounce Back Exercise different?

Our exercise classes are designed for people with cancer, Parkinson’s, MS and other long term health conditions.

Exercise, if done correctly, has been shown to help delay disease progression and effectively manage symptoms and side effects.

Our bespoke exercise programes help you find the workout that:

  • suits your physical and clinical needs
  • helps achieve your goals
  • and most importantly….you enjoy!

Exercise can help people manage symptoms and treatment-related side effects of a clinical diagnosis.


Exercise is beneficial for cancer patients pre, post and during treatment. In addition, research has also suggested that exercise could play a key role in preventing cancer progression and prevents the risk of cancer recurrence.

Parkinson's Disease

Although exercise may not be a cure for Parkinson’s disease, it can be one of the most powerful treatments. Exercise can help individuals manage symptoms and side effects as well as being effective in slowing down the progression.

Multiple Sclerosis

Regular physical activity is good for both physical and mental health. The same is very true for individuals with MS. Exercise can give individuals better control over their body and decrease side effects of MS including overall fatigue.

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“Our mission at Bounce Back is to help you find the workout that suits your physical and clinical needs, helps you achieve your goals, and most importantly… you enjoy”. – Beth Boxall, MSc

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Beth founded Bounce Back Exercise in 2020 to help more people facing the challenges of cancer, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, experience the great benefits of exercise. 

She has used her knowledge and experience as a clinical exercise specialist and graduate from one of the world’s leading sports institutes, to create the ultimate well-rounded timetable. Her classes are designed to improve your strength, fitness and mobility as well as to help you manage your disease symptoms and related side effects.  

Bounce Back Exercise sessions are a friendly and supportive environment for everyone looking to experience the incredible ‘medicine’ of physical activity.

What our members say

As a blood cancer patient I really became quite immobile last winter. Beth has helped restore my strength and given me so much mobility. I may not be able to run a marathon but within my limits it's made a huge difference. She is so professional and gauges my physical limits perfectly. She really has become an arm to my medical support team. 

- David

Beth is a revelation to me! She has single handedly motivated the “un-motivatable”, I actually enjoy the programme Beth sets me. I am a 64 year old retiree with Parkinson’s disease. With the onset of my condition, I became overly unenthusiastic about exercise and hence put on weight. To Beth’s credit she makes the exercise fun and will also describe (in great detail if required) the benefits of the noted exercise.

- Nick 

Determined not to let Secondary Progressive MS beat me, I signed up with Bounce Back. Four years on, my condition hasn't deteriorated at all - in fact my specialist says I've improved! I love all the classes and my one-to-ones. Far from tiring me out, Beth's sessions energise me, and that can't be bad! 

- Caroline
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