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"An exercise performed incorrectly can mean you’re not getting the benefits you’re looking for and even cause pain and injury" - NHS

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One-to-one training sessions

Beth provides personalised training programes based on your individual needs, preferences and goals.

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Prices for one-to-one 45-minute sessions 

Session Type

Online session 
Face to face (under 3 miles)
Face to face (studio)
Travel sessions (over 3 miles)

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* An initial introductory session or one off session lasting 60 minutes is an additional £10.

* Become a member for £28 a month. Membership includes access to our weekly live Zoom classes plus all previous class recordings in our member's library.

There are support schemes and financial grants to help afford your exercise support

Or get in touch with to discuss funding options. 

Frequently asked questions

What will my first introductory session involve?

Your first session will last approximately 60 minutes and will involve a short informal chat and some baseline exercise tests. This will help me gain an understanding of your specific physical and clinical needs, lifestyle, and exercise preferences. The information obtained from your assessment will help me design your personalised exercise sessions and allow me to best support you to achieve your goals.

What will my one-to-one exercise sessions involve?

Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes and are designed to suit your specific clinical and physical needs and help you achieve your personal goals.Sessions will include a warm-up, cardiovascular exercise, lower and upper body resistance exercises, a cool down and stretching.

How often should I train with you?

This really depends on your goals, your motivation levels, other commitments, and your budget. To make the most of your training, I highly recommend joining the Bounce Back Online Community which will give you access to online classes, resources and further support to compliment your training.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and trainers.

Is there anything else I need to bring to my sessions 

-  A water bottle
-  Towel (optional)
You will be advised before your session if there is any additional equipment, I would like you to bring along.

What should I eat before my exercise class?

We recommend you eat 2-3 hours before your workout. If you eat 45-60 minutes prior to your exercise session, choose foods that are simple to digest and contain mainly carbohydrates and some protein.

What should I do if I need to cancel or rearrange my session?

I ask that you give 12 hours’ notice before any cancellations or rearrangement of sessions. Sessions changed within less than 12 hours may still be charged.

What are the benefits of having one-to-one sessions?

Exercising after your diagnosis can be a daunting. You have probably been told how beneficial exercise is for you, however it can also feel unclear what you should be doing and what exercise will best benefit you. Receiving support through one-to-one sessions will help educate you and empower you to take control of your health and fitness. You will learn about how to adapt exercises to suit you, you will receive coaching on exercises that will benefit you most and you will receive support focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t.
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