“I created Bounce Back Exercise to make sure that everyone can experience the extraordinary benefits of exercise”

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About Beth

I have never been one for sticking to one sport or type of exercise. I love it all! At Loughborough University I threw myself into everything from hockey to boxing to group spin classes. 

It was during my time studying for my degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology that I became fascinated by the way certain exercise could benefit people with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other long term health conditions. My research showed that exercise not only helps people manage their symptoms but can also prevent the risk of disease progression and relapse. 

After graduating in 2017, I noticed a huge and concerning gap in the provision of exercise support for people with long term health conditions. People who have been diagnosed with a long-term clinical condition are encouraged to stay active, yet many miss out due to a lack of information, support and exercise provision. It was this that led me to found Bounce Back Exercise in 2020, with a mission to help more people facing the challenges of a diagnosis experience the incredible benefits of exercise.

I believe that with exercise, there is no ’one size fits all’ approach. However, there is something for everyone. I love working as a clinical exercise specialist supporting people find the exercise that suits their individual needs, helps them achieve their goals and, most importantly, that they enjoy!

Our mission is to re-energize those with long-term health conditions

My qualifications

  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology, Loughborough University
  • BSc Psychology, Loughborough University
  • Level 4 Exercise for Long Term Neurological Conditions
  • Level 4 Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation, CanRehab
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer, The Academy of Fitness Professionals
  • First aid qualified 
  • 18 months working for a London Clinic specialising in Exercise for cancer patients.

Some exciting projects I’m involved in

  • Move Charity Cancer Rehab
  • Specialist Maggie’s Charity Oxford Cancer Rehab Specialist 
  • 5K Your Way Move Against Cancer Ambassador – Rickmansworth 
  • Cancer Rehab Specialist on a research trial in collaboration with The Cancer Treatment and Research Trust, examining the effects of an online home based exercise programme to enhance recovery post treatment.

What is Bounce Back Exercise

An inclusive exercise community for people who have been diagnosed with cancer, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and other long-term health conditions.

Bounce Back Exercise provides live and on demand exercise classes that have been designed to help people with long term health conditions experience the incredible benefits of exercise. 

From strength training and cardio to balance and gait training, Bounce Back Exercise provides a well-rounded timetable of classes to improve your strength, fitness and mobility, and manage your disease symptoms and side effects.Join Beth every week or schedule her recorded workouts to fit around your day.

Conditions Beth works with:

cancer - Parkinson’s disease - multiple sclerosis
 acquired brain injury - cerebral palsy - diabetes - mental health conditions - motor neuron disease - neuromuscular conditions - spinal cord injury stroke

Be part of a community
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“Our mission at Bounce Back is to help you find the workout that suits your physical and clinical needs, helps you achieve your goals, and most importantly you enjoy”. – Beth Boxall, MSc
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