Exercises to help manage fatigue

Many different forms of exercise including cardiovascular exercise, strength training and mobility exercise has been found to reduce levels of fatigue.

In order to notice improvements, perform exercises of a moderate intensity. This means they require a moderate amount of effort and results in a noticeable rise in the heart rate.

Here are a few tips to help manage your fatigue using exercise:

1. Exercise snack – small amounts of regular exercise has been found to be just as beneficial as doing all your exercise in one go. This can also be more manageable for anyone suffering fatigue. Every hour try to get up and do something. Lack of activity can also increase levels of fatigue so often you may find it better to split your exercise into small chunks of simple exercises throughout the day rather than focus on long duration training.

2. Exercise outdoors –
Fresh outdoor air and natural light invigorate and provide more energy for the mind and body. Sunshine provides the vitamin D that we need, you will get a suntan while training and the sun will lift your spirits! Sunlight also enhances energy generation in the muscles and oxidation of the tissues.

3. Stay consistent – Start small and begin by doing just a small amount of exercise everyday.

4. Find an exercise that you enjoy – During exercise, the central nervous system and pituitary glands release chemicals called endorphins. These are produced to reduce stress and pain, though they can trigger positive feelings as well. This happy state of mind can make you feel more energised and reduce feelings of fatigue

5. Think about timing and routine – Fatigue can change from day to day or even hour to hour. Track your energy level to see when is the best time for you to exercise.•Schedule that time in every day and stick to it.

Click here to try out our shorter length exercise classes. These 5-20 minute classes are perfect for days you are low on energy or simply struggling to find the time to fit in one of our full-length classes.

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