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Teddy joined Bounce Back in July 2020 to receive support with his exercise. He is always ready for a challenge and has shown significant improvements in all his test exercise scores including more than doubling his score in the sit to stand test and tripling his score for the wall press! It has been a pleasure working with Teddy and great to see the progress he has made with his strength fitness.


Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease early in 2017, in my mid-seventies, was not a surprise, as some of the symptoms had been apparent for a while, but it was nevertheless a game-changer. Initially, the progression was slow and required hardly any treatment or physical training or therapy. Gradually, however, as time passed, I became aware of increasingly significant changes – a tremor in my left hand (I am left-handed!), growing stiffness in my hips, which inhibited mobility, loss of a sense of balance, which lowered my confidence, and a marked reduction in my sense of smell and taste, which was particularly disappointing, as I love good food and wine! 

The growing problem with mobility was especially frustrating, as my wife and I love walking. In 2010-2012 we completed three wonderful walks – the Coast-to-Coast Path, the Cotswold Way and the South Downs Way. Early last year, I had gone into a downward spiral of decreasing physical activity, having resigned myself to becoming less and less active. Then something happened – along came Beth! What a difference she has made to my life since she took me in hand in the middle of last year. Her tailor-made exercise regime, taking account of physical limitations which come with advancing years, as well as Parkinson’s, has enabled me to continue walking (though not as far as in 2010!) and moving around the house without a stick or frame.

I am very grateful indeed to Beth for her knowledge and expertise, which have made a real difference to my quality of life. I am now able to do so much more than I could manage a year ago. One example is my ability to mow our lawn without stopping for a rest every five minutes, as I used to do. Is it too much to hope that she can now do something to restore my sense of taste and smell?! 

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“Our mission at Bounce Back is to help you find the workout that suits your physical and clinical needs, helps you achieve your goals, and most importantly you enjoy”. – Beth Boxall, MSc
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