Top tips for exercising at home

Home workouts are great. You can wear whatever you like, you know that the equipment is clean, you don’t have to wait for equipment to be available and best of all, they take place right in the comfort of your home meaning zero travel time. 

However, this also means it is very easy to give up or get distracted from your workout. Home workouts do require discipline.

Here are some of my favourite tips to succeed in your home workouts:

1. Schedule a time in your diary
Plan a time in your diary that you are going to do your workout, ideally on a reoccurring day and at a regular time. For example on Monday at 5:00 doing an upper body strength workout. This helps create discipline and builds habit into your daily routine.

2. Create a clean and tidy space
Make a space at home for any equipment you have. Make sure the equipment is easily accessible and be easily manoeuvred. If you have limited space for a home gym, no problem, just a mat on the ground or floor space that can be created by moving a table will be sufficient. Your home gym doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just enough space on the floor to move around in. It is helpful though to keep this space for the exercise. Going back to this space will remind your body and brain that it is time to workout.

3. Plan your session
Plan your session before hand. Adhere to a good session structure including a warm up and cool down. Whether you are designing your own workout or following a workout video, make sure you think about what you will be doing before you start. Click here to join our online exercise classes and let us do the planning for you. 

4. Invest in some basic equipment
Basic equipment includes a set of dumbbells, resistance band and swiss ball. Home gym equipment can be purchased from online stores such as amazon.

5. Think about the goal for your session
What are you trying to achieve? Do you want to feel energised, are you trying to push yourself to work harder or simply to just get through a session, whatever it is, think about your workout goal and stick to it.

For support in home training click here to find out more about the Bounce Back Exercise online community. 

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